Uncle Harold

harold 001

Harold Miller, really my cousin but I always thought of him as Uncle Harold. He was a part of my life from the time I was born. He died on April 30, 2015. He would have been 90 on August 11th of this year, sharing a birthday with Emma!

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He was married to Pauline for as long as I remember. Their daughter Chris and I are both only children..but always have each other. I spent many nights, even summers at their house. The Miller clan was my extended family.

harold and chris 1989 001

Chris and Harold, 1989

harold dad ross 001

He, my dad (Smitty) and Ross were great buddies. Gene too! Characters all! This photo, most likely late 1950’s was typical of the three of them at any family get together. Drinking, laughing…having fun. My dad’s been gone a long time, Gene and Ross too…and now Harold too. I miss these guys. I miss the rest of the family that is gone. I miss the family I don’t often see.

But they are all there in memories. Cheers to them all!



On the Red Carpet!!


Greg, Connie, Kev, me and Tom on the Red Carpet at the Julien Dubuque International Film Festival. Had a great time at the festival and seeing family and friends who were able to come! Just today found out the film is accepted into The Wanderlust Festival and will screen there in June!!

Art Camp

Necklaces, bracelets, charms and a book I made at Art Camp! What a fun, inspiring weekend. Hosted by artist Terri Brush at a beautiful beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. Terri taught the bracelet, soldering classes, Amy Hanna taught jewelry design and Carolyn taught us bookmaking basics!

Halloween time!

I’m working on stuff for a fall/Halloween art show I’m doing…Parade of Souls in Paradise Valley, AZ. It’s on Oct. 13th and I’m very excited to be working with a great group of artists, some of whom I don’t know but I know their art! It’s a new adventure for me to do so much holiday stuff. Good stretch of the creative muscles! And it’s been a good distraction as I’ve been missing mom! And I’ve got a trip coming up in Sept. so have to really stay on this to make it work…only two days after I get back until the show!! Yikes! What am I doing blogging, need to get to work!