Fish Fry!

Went to a fish fry at Dan and Brenda’s. It was great fun, lots of wonderful food and friends. But this one for me was all about the dog! They just got a Bernese Mt. Dog puppy, he’s 15 weeks and darling. He was the star of the party!

He really reminded me of the Brulee, the Bernese I had years ago. The other dogs at the party were Scout, looking none too happy about the new arrival….

Actually Kev didn’t look any too happy either! And then Jake, looking for food, or maybe a drink!

Anyway a great time was had by all!

One thought on “Fish Fry!

  1. OMG! I feel you! Adorable! I’m an expert on fish fries now btw – go fishing about 4 times a summer with James, my friend and boat owner – we catch (he baits the hook, takes them off and fillets them) – we come back to my house and fry ’em up! Good eats!!!! Maybe that’s why I’ve gained another 10 pounds???? I figure I’m saving my fat for old age when you need all you can get…..That dog is adorable!

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