The Tree Project

Well this may take forever but it’s the coolest project. One of our grapefruit trees died and I decided to mosaic it!! The trunks of grapefruit trees are beautiful and I didn’t want to lose this one. I mean how long can it take right!! It’s definitely a huge project and I haven’t yet gotten to the top! I’ve had the help of this gal too…

She’s a solitary bee and was busy laying eggs in the holes in the tree!!! Then she seals the hole and in a couple of weeks out will come the babies…as long as I don’t mosaic over the hole!! She was not thrilled to have me around but we came to an understanding and worked peacefully together! The peach faced lovebirds have had to adapt as well, as I’m near their feeder. So they either put up with me or miss out at the feeder. They warily watch me! There were six keeping me company this morning!

So on goes the project! I will post progress and of course the finished tree!

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