Tree Project continues!!!

The project goes on!!  This shot gives a good look at the whole set up. The tent is a godsend, keeping the sun at bay. Yes it’s still hot and sunny here! All of the tiles have been placed, except at the very top, which I need to stand on a ladder to do and it’s uneven ground so I think I’ll wait until Kev is around this weekend to steady the ladder – and catch me if I fall!!

Yesterday I began the grouting. OMG, it’s going to take forever!! At least to do it right. But it looks great, I’m using a dark grey, almost black grout. So it takes two pair of surgical gloves to keep my fingernails from being black! I started at the bottom and as I was sitting there grouting away the parrots came for dinner…eleven of them! It was amazing….of course didn’t have the phone or camera out there! Next time.

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