Halloween time!

I’m working on stuff for a fall/Halloween art show I’m doing…Parade of Souls in Paradise Valley, AZ. It’s on Oct. 13th and I’m very excited to be working with a great group of artists, some of whom I don’t know but I know their art! It’s a new adventure for me to do so much holiday stuff. Good stretch of the creative muscles! And it’s been a good distraction as I’ve been missing mom! And I’ve got a trip coming up in Sept. so have to really stay on this to make it work…only two days after I get back until the show!! Yikes! What am I doing blogging, need to get to work!

Tree Project continues!!!

The project goes on!!  This shot gives a good look at the whole set up. The tent is a godsend, keeping the sun at bay. Yes it’s still hot and sunny here! All of the tiles have been placed, except at the very top, which I need to stand on a ladder to do and it’s uneven ground so I think I’ll wait until Kev is around this weekend to steady the ladder – and catch me if I fall!!

Yesterday I began the grouting. OMG, it’s going to take forever!! At least to do it right. But it looks great, I’m using a dark grey, almost black grout. So it takes two pair of surgical gloves to keep my fingernails from being black! I started at the bottom and as I was sitting there grouting away the parrots came for dinner…eleven of them! It was amazing….of course didn’t have the phone or camera out there! Next time.

The Tree Project

Well this may take forever but it’s the coolest project. One of our grapefruit trees died and I decided to mosaic it!! The trunks of grapefruit trees are beautiful and I didn’t want to lose this one. I mean how long can it take right!! It’s definitely a huge project and I haven’t yet gotten to the top! I’ve had the help of this gal too…

She’s a solitary bee and was busy laying eggs in the holes in the tree!!! Then she seals the hole and in a couple of weeks out will come the babies…as long as I don’t mosaic over the hole!! She was not thrilled to have me around but we came to an understanding and worked peacefully together! The peach faced lovebirds have had to adapt as well, as I’m near their feeder. So they either put up with me or miss out at the feeder. They warily watch me! There were six keeping me company this morning!

So on goes the project! I will post progress and of course the finished tree!


It’s the weekend! And it’s all good! We are all doing what we want….well mostly! Conor went camping with friends, Kev and I are working in our studios and going to dinner with mom tonight….Tarbell’s! Yummy!  Even the dogs are having fun…went on a field trip to the other house! And tomorrow Cardinals vs Redskins…for me that ‘s a fun football game!

September 11, 2011

Since it is Sept. 11th I thought this mug was appropriate for the day. Our world did change that day. Those horrible events are always in the back of our minds, waiting for moments to resurface. My kids don’t remember that day, perhaps just as well…they will have their own moments where something happens that is so huge they will remember forever exactly where they were and what they were doing. Every generation has them. I’ve had three….JFK, Challenger and 9/11. My mom has those plus Pearl Harbor. Someone once said that God gives us memory so that we may have roses in December. Here’s to moving on to the roses.

New Year! Kind of!

It’s been a year since I posted! So for me this is a new year! And it’s fall, all though so hot here you wouldn’t know it! Fall always seems like a new year, probably because it’s when school starts. Alot has happened in the past year…but that’s done…I’m here now….so will just begin again. A much loved yoga teacher of mine often used that phrase, begin again, when we would fall out of a pose or lose our mindfulness….just begin again. So that’s what I’m doing with my blog and my art. Hopefully both will grow over the next year!