Getting a driver’s license!

Conor has his driver’s license! Only after we sat for what seemed like an eternity at the MVD. When we arrived this room was full, it probably holds about 200 people. This was the room when we left!!! We were dead last in the queue!! Took 2 hours! 3 if you add travel time! And when we got to the window, 5 minutes! OMG, talk about a test of patience! But it’s done! Both kids – on the road, so look out if you’re driving in Phoenix!

New art

One of two new ladies, this one sold at the Hesca Auction in Boston. Thanks Chuck!

This is the other new one. It’s still for sale!  The image opening is about 4  x 6 and the frame is 11 x 14 with glass around the picture painted black! The ladies are drawn by hand and I use markers, fabric and wax to finish them. Click on the pics to enlarge and you can see the wax detail. I have about 8 more of these frames so I’d better get to work!

Fish Fry!

Went to a fish fry at Dan and Brenda’s. It was great fun, lots of wonderful food and friends. But this one for me was all about the dog! They just got a Bernese Mt. Dog puppy, he’s 15 weeks and darling. He was the star of the party!

He really reminded me of the Brulee, the Bernese I had years ago. The other dogs at the party were Scout, looking none too happy about the new arrival….

Actually Kev didn’t look any too happy either! And then Jake, looking for food, or maybe a drink!

Anyway a great time was had by all!

Sad again….

We lost our other kitty yesterday. She had a very aggressive cancer, one that even with 9 lives she couldn’t beat. Olive was such a wonderful cat, one of the social ones. Always in the midst of everything. She loved everyone but not like she loved Emma. She was Emma’s cat, for 15 years, from the beginning to the very end.

We will all miss you Ollie.

More Art

She’s the drawing of the doll on my business cards!

I’m always on the hunt for new words, quotes and phrases to use and to inspire me. Today’s word is compassion. The world probably needs a bit more of it so I’ll use it in my next piece!

New Art

These are a few of the new pieces I did for the artwalk. They are hand drawn then fabric and wax is added. Sold some of them which is always nice! Fun to make and not so labor intensive so they don’t need to be too expensive.

So she’s saying create more, I’m heading into the studio to do that! Today is probably the only day I’ll have much time at all. Dr. appts for everyone this week. Even the cat, who unfortunately doesn’t seem to be doing to well. Have my fingers crossed on that.

Zoe’s Cactus

Is this cactus wonderful or what! Unbelieveable how large the bloom was. I even used a tripod to get a sharp picture of it. Better than most of my photos! Kev’s been giving me photo lessons!  Click on it to see the detail!

Kev and I did the Sunnyslope artwalk, he posted a couple of pics on his site. We had fun, sold some art and true to form bought some art!! We bought a wonderful painting by Art Smith, he’s a local Phoenix artist who’s work we really like. And Kev traded one of his prints for a print of a crazy neon cowboy! Will take a photo of them and post soon. And my ladies did well. Will post photos soon. I need to update the galleries too. Can’t keep up! Oh well…..have a happy day!